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One of the more notable additions to OS X that Apple included with Mavericks is the Maps app, which brings Apple's mapping program that had previously been available only on iOS. Now those with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, as well as Apple desktops, can access Maps easily from their dock. When Maps first launched on the iPhone, there was some controversy as it appeared that Apple was not ready to roll the program out to users. There were many errors with the maps themselves, and several functions, such as the ability to look up public transit schedules, were missing despite the fact that these features were available with the competing Google Maps.

Since then, Apple has improved their mapping and provided a more useful interface to customers. With the Maps app for OS X Mavericks, you can:

  • Obtain directions easily and store locations that you frequently need to access
  • Share locations and directions with other Apple users, either forwarding to their iPhones and iPads or sending it out through email and social media
  • Use Apple's intuitive touch gestures, such as pinching and spreading your fingers to zoom in and out
  • View traffic congestion, construction and road closures in real time, helping you avoid jams and being late to appointments.

OS X Mavericks is a free upgrade for all users of Apple computers and it comes installed on all new Apple MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro devices, so if you want to have this program on your computer, make sure to check out PortableOne's selection of the latest Apple products today!

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