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Until recently, if consumers wanted a high functioning computer, they had to be willing to spend a lot of money. But as speeds keep getting faster and hardware continues to become less expensive, budget-priced laptops are now working better than ever before.

To highlight the falling laptop prices, technology news site CNET released a list of its favorite laptops for under $600 on August 28. Three of the 11-inch models on the list caught our attention as great options for people who need to use their laptop for a lot, but don't want to spend much.

CNET editors love the Acer Aspire for its ability to cram all of the functionality of a more expensive laptop into a small, ultraportable body. The slim, light laptop is powerful enough to tackle even the most serious of tasks, and has a 500GB hard drive for storage.

Also making the list of low-cost favorites was the Sony Vaio E, a laptop that retails for less than $500. Its good graphics and native Web surfing capabilities mean that it is ideal for gaming on the go. And the price tag makes it even more attractive.

The Lenovo ThinkPad x130e takes the convenience and portability of a laptop of this size and ups the ante by making it virtually unbreakable. This laptop has a shell hard enough to withstand more than a few bumps or falls in its lifetime and still be functional. Targeted to the educational community, the ThinkPad x130e is a great option for people looking for a portable computer durable to be used by a small child.

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