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Apple fanatics were thrilled earlier this week, when Tim Cook and other company executives gave another exciting keynote that let fans and journalists in on what the next product updates will be for the successful tech firm. In addition to the well-received updated Mac Pro and high-profile preview of iOS 7, the company released an updated MacBook Air

Since the MacBook Air has been a successful laptop for the company for some time now, and the new version featured only internal updates, the changes haven't made a huge splash in the media until now. Upon taking a closer look, however, some tech writers have realized just what a major upgrade the new ultra?-portable computer is over previous models. 

On Thursday, JP Mangalindan, a writer for Fortune Magazine, published an article called "Hands on With Apple's New MacBook Air," which chronicled his use of the new model so that readers could make an educated decision if they were considering getting a new laptop. The writer states in his article that he's been a user of the MacBook Air for more than three years, and was interested to try the new model to see if the battery life and internal speed had really improved as advertised. 

Though he hadn't completed his test of the device yet, he noted that so far he was very impressed with the robust battery life, which, thanks to a new chip that uses less power, has added up to four hours of life to a single charge. The author noted that, if it continues to be true, this is enough to go through an entire workday on a single charge. And thanks to upgraded Flash memory, the new model is even faster than last year's product. 

It seems from early reviews like this one that the new MacBook Air is a real home run. If you want to further improve yours through customization, contact PortableOne today. Our experts can make this great laptop even better. 

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