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Because we're so dependent on it, it's often hard to remember that most Americans have been using the World Wide Web for less time than the average recent college graduate has been alive. And with well over two billion internet users in all, many people rely on email every day.

On August 21, GigaOm writer Jenko Rogetters celebrated his 20 year anniversary of having an email address, and wrote about what he has learned in over all of this time. Rogetters got his first email address after learning about this then novel internet function from a hacking manual he found in his local public library.

At the time, Rogetters was just breaking into the internet, and it had a whole bunch of rules. Email users were expected to be polite, and not take up too many lines of text with signatures that would be hard to load, because early techies were worried that long or complicated signatures would add an overwhelming amount of data, and slow down the internet. Now, users cruise through pages at lightning speed, watching movies and simultaneously checking Facebook on their Sony Vaio or Toshiba laptops.

Though his first email address was created 20 years ago, Rogetters does not continue to use his first username. In fact, he has changed his email address nine times since he first signed up for the service. Many people change their email address as time goes on, either to keep up with trends, seem more professional or because they simply need a change.

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