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World Series winning San Francisco Giants some of the first to use Passbook

The World Series ended with a decisive victory for the San Francisco Giants, the second time the team has won the title of world champion in three years. Baseball fans credit the team's success to old school baseball practices and a focus on pitching, but the tech community noticed something else.

When Apple unveiled iOS 6, its newest mobile operating system, one of the most-hyped features of the software was that it has a new application called Passbook. Passbook keeps track of rewards cards, gift cards, coupons and tickets in a kind of digital wallet for consumers. It makes a lot of sense too, as in this day and age you're much more likely to accidentally leave your wallet behind than go anywhere without your phone.

As it turns out, the Giants were among the first teams to accept Passbook tickets, which are even designed in the team's colors, and include its logo. Baseball fans who purchased tickets online have the option to simply click the "add to Passbook" button on their confirmation email, and suddenly they have the ability to use their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or now iPad mini to gain entry into the park.

It may not have had to do with how well the team played, but the Giants were one of just four teams that made the decision to accept Passbook tickets this year. Since they play in San Francisco, the heart of Silicon Valley and Apple's backyard, it shows an understanding of the team's fans on the part of the clubhouse.

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