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At Apple's October iPad mini event, the company surprised the crowd of journalists and developers by announcing a few other products as well. Though the announcement of the new, 7.9-inch tablet certainly got most of the attention in the aftermath of the event, many of the tech community believed that the new, redesigned iMac might really have been the star of the show.

This new Apple iMac is an upgrade in performance from previous models, with the superfast memory and huge amount of storage being tied with the desktop's striking appearance for the most amazing thing about the machine.

In addition to its incredible amount of storage in either traditional hard drive or solid state memory, the screen is incredibly thin. Though it bumps out slightly in the back, this new model seems improbably thin for such a powerful computer.

Naturally, many tech fanatics were thrilled at the prospect of getting their hands on one of these new models, and this week, they'll finally be able to do just that. The 21.5-inch version of this celebrated machine hits stores on November 30.

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