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This year, the Apple iPad's many competitors have been gaining a lot of attention. It's true that 2012 has seen the release of a number of high-profile tablets, from the Microsoft Surface to the Google Nexus 7.

These competing devices have gained quite a bit of media attention, as tech journalists the world over are watching to see if any product will unseat the iPad from the top spot. And, according to data released by online advertising analytics service Chitika, that won't be happening for quite a while.

The service periodically releases reports on devices such as tablets, with the data that it compiles through online analytics. According to the December report, the iPad is still the overwhelming choice among tablets.

As far as surfing the web is concerned, for every 100 page impressions made on an iPad, all other tablets combined make only 14.75. And who's in second place? The Amazon Kindle Fire - with 4.88 impressions to every 100 from an iPad.

The results were unclear as to whether they included the iPad mini or it was in its own category, but since it has only been on the market for a few months, it's likely that it doesn't hasn't accumulated the market share yet.

That represents a change from the data released by the service last May. In that report, the iPad also dominated among tablets, accounting for 94 percent of all online traffic, but Apple's bitter court rival the Samsung Galaxy tablet was in second place, while it slipped to third for December.

In terms of public opinion and market share, the leading tablet is definitely the iPad. If you would like to see what makes it so popular, speak to one of the experts at PortableOne about having yours customized today.

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