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The iPad and iPad mini, Apple's newest creation, have truly revolutionized the way people consume and create media. These magical devices are easily transported and can be used to watch streaming video, create documents or use the internet. That's not to mention the hundreds of dedicated apps available in the App Store that enable your iPad to do virtually anything.

But watching live TV on an iPad is a difficult feat. One new application, however, aims to change that. The Dyle app was created by a consortium of television networks aiming to maintain their stream of ad revenue in a world where more and more people choose to stream TV on their laptops or tablets.

The app is free, but it requires a $100 antenna adapter to work. Rather than using new technology to enable the data to get to the iPad, the adapter simply allows your tablet to receive television waves that are already being broadcast.

Since it's new, developers and the networks in charge are still working out the kinks on the Dyle app, which Peter Kafka wrote about for AllThingsD. But this Apple accessory could make a great gift if it catches on in the future.

Either way, the app shows that content providers have recognized that iPad viewing is here to stay, and are working on ways of getting their material to viewers in an economical way.

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