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After it announced its new operating system and the slew of hardware to accompany it this summer, the PC crowd has been waiting with baited breath for Microsoft's big release date, and that day is finally here.

Windows users can finally get this new OS for their customized laptops, or choose from one of the special Windows 8 tablets, laptops or hybrid devices that were designed specially to go with this user-friendly software.

And so far, the PC community is loving Windows 8. Wired writer Alexandra Chang wrote a piece on all of the cool features that come with this operating system, and one of the neatest, reviewers agree, is the Semantic zoom feature.

Users can do a simple pinching motion right on the screen of their device in order to see more of whatever they're looking at. Whether it's a picture or newspaper article, this built in gesture makes it easier to see whatever content you're most interested in consuming.

Today is also the day that everyone who preordered the highly-anticipated Microsoft Surface tablet finally gets their device shipped to their homes. Last night, Microsoft stores around the country had special events celebrating the release.

There are literally dozens of other Windows devices that have been specially designed to run on this new OS. A large portion of Cyber Monday laptops are expected to be some of these new computers.

Of course, this week also brought the release of Apple's iPad mini, so the Mac crowd has been thrilled about this new, smaller technology. Whether you're into Apple products, or are a die-hard Windows user, PortableOne can customize your laptop or tablet so that it does everything you need it for and more.

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