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While most of us are familiar with Kim Dotcom's name because of the controversy surrounding his arrest last fall in New Zealand, which involved a bunker and a sawed off shotgun, the internet mogul responsible for the cloud-based file sharing site Megaupload has a new career direction in mind.

Rather than taking time off to worry about his legal situation (he's facing extradition to the United States for multiple charges of copyright infringement), Dotcom got straight to work during his house arrest, and is almost ready to launch a new music-sharing service: Megabox.

Dotcom claims that Megabox will allow artists to provide their music directly to listeners, and skip the middleman. The idea is that this will lead to more profits for musicians, as well as lower prices for listeners.

He aims to have the service stack up against freemium cloud computing-based services such as Pandora and Spotify as well. Rather than radio ads, Megabox users will have the option of installing "Megakey" software on their computers, which will work like ad-blocking software, but instead serve online ads hosted on Megabox. If this seems less like a sound business plan and more like malware to you, that's probably because several viruses have done the same thing.

In his teaser video about the new file sharing site, Dotcom says that a number of artists have already signed on, including former Black Eyed Peas member, has not commented on his alledged involvement with the project.

Whether Megabox will turn out to be everything that this eccentric online billionaire says it will be, or if it will wreak havoc on your Apple MacBook Air remains to be seen. Luckily, the experts at PortableOne also specialize in virus removal, and can clean up any messes you may encounter.

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