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Last week, when Apple debuted its newest product, the iPad mini, the crowd was impressed by the tiny tablet's impressive specs as well as its less prohibitive price. Starting at just $330, many Apple fans decided that they'd like to make the 7-inch Apple tablet their own as soon as it was available for preorder on Friday.

So many, in fact, that the company burned through its anticipated stock of first day delivery iPad minis in just 20 minutes, according to reports. Just 20 minutes after they became available for order online at midnight pacific time Friday, the stock for the white iPad mini went from a November 2 delivery to a two week wait. 

By later in the day, the company had also run through its stock of black iPad minis. The advance sales figures are concerning the Wi-Fi only version of the 7.9-inch tablet, as the 3G models are on a longer release timetable.

The tech community was largely impressed by the new offering from Apple, particularly its thin edges and use of the latest technology, such as the Lightning dock connector. And, as the first sales figures indicate, the public is just as enamored with the new product.

Industry analysts estimate that Apple's efficient production complex will likely be able to make more of these tablets in just a few weeks' time, so the shortage isn't expected to last long.

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