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In terms of tablets, this fall has been a landmark season. Apple stepped up its game by releasing the iPad mini, giving iOS users a more portable tablet option. This season, Apple has also seen the release of its most viable competition since the iPad came out, in new releases from many of its rivals.

New releases from Microsoft, Google and Amazon have been well received by the tech community, and many have been touted as high-quality products. But according to Tony Bradley from PC World, nothing beats the iPad.

Specifically, he looked at the five reasons why the iPad is still a better choice than the heavily publicized Microsoft Surface RT, which was released to take on the iPad's massive market share in the 10-inch tablet world.

Bradley suggests that the 10-inch iPad is sleeker, faster, more secure and capable than its competition from Microsoft, meaning that the iPad is still the tablet of choice in the 10-inch market.

One of the major selling points for the iPad is, according to Bradley, the App store. Widely regarded in the tech community as the best marketplace for mobile software, Apple vets each individual app and only releases quality ones to its customers, which means that you can trust each app to work and be free of malicious software when you download it.

As the competition continues to step up its game, so will Apple, and in the end, consumers will have more options to choose from. But since the iPad and iPad mini are still the best tablets on the market, why not have them customized by PortableOne? You can take a tablet that's already great and make it even better.

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