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Most Windows fans simply can't wait to upgrade their customized laptops when Microsoft's newest operating system comes out next week. However, putting Windows 8 on your laptop isn't quite as easy as you might think. Rather than simply issuing one OS for all devices, the technicians at Windows decided to split it up, and are actually releasing four versions of the software.

The standard version of Windows 8 comes with all of the aspects you've been hearing about since the company announced the software. You'll get the modern app display, as well as the standard desktop, Windows Media Player and other standard programs. This version doesn't have the ability to integrate video though, so users who use their custom laptops with TV tuners should invest in Windows 8 Pro.

What would a new operating system be without a version specially designed for businesses? Professionals can take advantage of this software with Windows 8 Enterprise. In addition to including licenses for multiple computers, Enterprise also includes data encryption software that's necessary for security.

Finally, the tech community is so excited about this forthcoming OS because it integrates with tablets as well as PCs. Windows 8 tablets will run on their own software called Windows RT. It relies more completely on the mobile-optimized Metro display, and is scaled to fit a smaller tablet screen.

Still having trouble with which OS is right for you? Don't worry, the experts at PortableOne will have you sorted out in no time. We can get you Windows 8 and make a slew of other upgrades to your laptop as well.

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