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Thanksgiving has come and gone, and with their bellies full of leftover turkey, many Americans are heading online today for Cyber Monday. This e-commerce holiday brings countless deals on gadgets and other electronics that are sure to gain the best spot under the tree.

Whether you're scouring the Web for the best Cyber Monday laptops, discounted smartphones or are attempting to find the perfect tablet for your loved one, here are three tips you should keep in mind:

1. Make a list - Cyber Monday shopping may not be known for enormous crowds and doorbuster deals, but websites still sell out of a lot of their discounted merchandise. It's best to make a list of the items you're looking for so that you can set out to get the best deal while it's still in stock.

2. Social media can be your friend - Many stores are letting their customers know about special deals via social media like Facebook and Twitter. Now is a great time to follow those places and maybe snag a great deal.

3. Use your head - On a day like this, scammers know how easy it is to list a low price online and get sensitive information from would-be buyers. Stick with reputable companies that have a history of happy customers, like PortableOne.

Enjoy your Cyber Monday shopping, and remember that you can get a great deal on a customized laptop or tablet like the iPad mini from PortableOne. Rather than giving a generic gift, these devices are set up so that they perfectly accomplish what you need them to. Speak to our friendly sales staff in order to get exactly what you're looking for this year.

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