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After a spectacular fall - even for a company that's name has practically become synonymous with innovation - Apple products are topping the Christmas lists of millions of Americans this year. Whether they're looking for an awesome iPad mini, or want the sleek speed and power of the Apple iMac, everyone wants a slice from this tech company this year.

But Asian tech news source Digitimes warns shoppers that some of these in-demand products are in short supply. According to a report, manufacturers in China are having issues meeting the high demand for these new devices.

Specifically, the report mentions that there are a limited number of iPad mini and new iMacs available, with the devices becoming more readily available in the new year because manufacturers seem to be having trouble getting their hands on the screen components for both of these in-demand models.

According to Mashable, the delays could put a damper on the 10 million iPad minis that Apple predicted it would produce this quarter, putting the actual number closer to 6 million tablets.

Though the article assures us that the supply chain will be back up and running in the first quarter of 2013, the warnings could set back plans for holiday shoppers. If you're looking to get your loved one an iPad mini or iMac, don't wait til the last minute to purchase one.

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