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iPad users already know how much this visionary tablet can help you do in your everyday life. Whether you use it for business, scheduling or watching your favorite shows and movies, the iPad can do it all.

And with the LTE version of the iPad mini out today, more people will be thrilled with this family of tablet's incredible performance. But even as the company is just releasing its newest and most innovative technologies, superfans are still looking out for clues as to what the next big thing will be from the Cupertino corporation.

According to a report from industry news outlet Engadget, Apple has applied for a patent for technology that would adjust the size of content on its screen based on the viewing distance of the reader. That way, hours of being dazzled by the amazing content on the iPad wouldn't be as taxing on your eyes.

The technology would make it easier to read almost anything, regardless of your distance from the screen, and it would adjust the size as the viewer moves closer or farther away, which would be great for the elderly, but also helpful for saving the eyes of increasingly screen-exposed little ones.

As with all patent-related news from Apple, it's important to take this news with a grain of salt, as Silicon Valley-based companies tend to patent ideas in their infancy to make sure that they don't fall into the hands of rival manufacturers. Still, it's easy to see how a technology like this one could make the already great iPad even better.

While Apple fans eagerly await the company's next exciting technology, don't forget that PortableOne can turn the existing iPad or iPad mini into an even bigger powerhouse than it is out of the box. We specialize in customized laptops and tablets so that your device does everything you dreamed it would.

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