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Did you buy a customized laptop for your child heading off to college next year? These are excellent gifts, especially for students who are going to get substantial use out of them, and will need the extra bells and whistles that come with customization.

But an AppleCare extended warranty is a great present for anyone. These warranties can be purchased for laptop, desktop and mobile devices from Apple, and will make repairs much easier to access, as well as less expensive.

There's no denying that Apple products are well-designed and reliable. But when repairs need to be made, an AppleCare warranty will allow you to take your machine to expert technicians at any Genius Bar and have it fixed without breaking the bank.

AppleCare Plus, the extended warranty for mobile devices is a great gift to go with the customized iPad or iPad mini you're giving them for Christmas this year as well. The executives from Apple know that sometimes accidents happen, and a device goes for a spill, which can sometimes leave you with external damage to your machine.

Rather than leave you with the steep cost of replacing your device on your own, AppleCare Plus allows users to replace their iPad or other iOS device for just $49. When you consider the value of one of these products new, that's a huge savings, and can be a real lifesaver for your tablet.

If you're getting a loved one a customized laptop or tablet this Christmas, don't forget the AppleCare. The experts from PortableOne can talk you through your needs and ensure that you get the best device with the best warranty.

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