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Apple has reportedly entered into an agreement with chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries to produce chips for the company's new iPad and iPhone products at a factory in Malta, New York. The Albany Times Union reports that the facility is currently under construction and is scheduled to go into production in late 2014.

Neither Apple, GlobalFoundries or Samsung, the current manufacturer of Apple chips, commented on the report, but a source close to Apple confirmed the deal to the Times Union and stated that Samsung would provide guidance for GlobalFoundries in the process. Apple currently gets all of its processors for the iPad and iPhone from Samsung, who have their own manufacturing center in Austin, Texas, among other places.

The news that the facility will be located in Malta isn't entirely surprising, as the Albany, New York, area has become a major center of semiconductor development, according to The Wall Street Journal. It's also in line with Apple's more recent efforts to bring more of its manufacturing stateside rather than having all of its devices and components built overseas. In December 2012, the company brought production of some Apple Mac computers to the United States.

This is encouraging news for the American manufacturing sector and it's one more reason that Apple laptop computers and tablets present a terrific investment for technology users. By locating this facility in the middle of a burgeoning technology center, Apple and GlobalFoundries can continue to innovate and create exciting new products. To learn more about what Apple is cooking up these days, head over to the PortableOne online store.

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