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After months of anticipation and a more than healthy amount of speculation, Apple's big keynote address captivated the tech community today. The presentation lasted just about an hour, but during that time, Tim Cook and his team debuted a swath of impressive new products. 

After unveiling an updated Mac Mini came the new Retina MacBook Pro, a thin and equally beautiful update on Apple's best-selling notebook. This release has been getting a fair amount of media attention leading up to the event, and is sure to be one of the biggest-selling black Friday laptops.

Next, the team surprised the crowd with an extremely thin iMac. Livebloggers from Gizmodo were shocked at the looks of this new desktop, exclaiming to one another that it "looked fake." But this new computer is as powerful as it is thin, containing a total of 1TB of storage as both hard drive and SSD.

But the crowd knew that it was at the event to hear about the new iPad mini, and Cook and the other executives didn't disappoint. They did, however, announce a fourth-Generation full-sized iPad first. The new iPad has upgraded 4G, a better camera and an A6 chip to go along with the Lightning port that connects it to the dock.

When they finally got to the iPad mini, the tech community was shown a beautiful tablet thinner than a pencil and as light as a pad of paper. The screen measures 7.9 inches diagonally, which gives makes it easier to see and read on than other similarly sized tablets.

The new products become available for preorder on Friday, and will officially be on the market November 2. Whichever new products you decide to buy, make sure you get them customized from PortableOne. We can do upgrades that not even Apple can, making sure that you get the optimal device.

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