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While the iPhone 5's launch last week was certainly the most covered tech release of the year, there are still many big product launch events to look forward to for the rest of the 2012. Several new devices are on the way, scheduled to hit markets just in time for the holiday season.

1. iPad Mini- The most anticipated fall tech launch is, at this point, just a rumor, but Apple fanatics may be in for yet another treat this season. Such a product would be positioned to knock out competition from Google and Amazon, and current speculation is that the Mini will debut at lower prices than its 10-inch predecessor. There is no official word from Apple, since the company is classically silent about these things, but because the iPhone 5 rumors turned out true, this seems promising.

2. Windows 8 - Mac users don't get to have all the fun this fall, since Microsoft is launching its highly anticipated operating system, Windows 8. Early reviews for the software seem positive, leading many people to get ready to upgrade the OS on their laptops with Windows as soon as it becomes publicly available on October 26.

3. Microsoft Surface - Microsoft is making a major move into the world of hardware with its new Surface tablet. Rather than the slew of iPad copycats that have recently been ruled illegal, the Surface features a sleek look, the lauded Metro display, and a keyboard cover.

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