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Whether you're looking for a stocking stuffer for a loved one, a gift for a niece or nephew that you don't know that well or are simply out of ideas for a friend, Apple products have never been hotter. And while you can't spring for a customized Retina MacBook Pro for everyone on your list, there are a few less expensive items that will show you care with style.

Here are three of the best Apple products to give this Christmas:

1. Apple TV - Have you ever wanted to stream a movie from your Netflix account on your television? Doing this was a tall order that either involved a complicated system of chords or another piece of hardware until this came along. At only $99, the Apple TV makes a great gift. You can stream Netflix, Hulu plus and of course everything in your iTunes library right on your TV using this small, attractive box.

2. EarPods - When the gang from Cupertino debuted the iPhone 5 last year, the company also unveiled its redesigned headphones. Retaining the iconic white wires of an EarBud, these headphones fit better in the ear, plus come equipped with a microphone for talking on the phone. Upgrade the auditory experience of someone you love by treating them to these, just $29.

3. iPod touch - Apple's new iPod touch comes in a range of awesome colors, has the same upgraded screen as the iPhone and runs on iOS 6. All of these mean that it's a lot more than an mp3 player. Give the gift of technology with this powerful and beautiful device.

PortableOne has all of these, along with a wide range of powerful customized laptops and tablets. Get your Christmas shopping done quickly and wow everyone on your list this year when you buy from us.

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