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One of the most useful features of the new iPad Air is that you can read the news with its simple, straightforward interface while lounging on the couch or in the company break room. But although there may be thousands of places where you can scan headlines and get an idea of what's happening in the world, some sources are better than others in terms of their reading interface and user experience.

To help you sort through all the news apps that are available in the iOS App Store, we've assembled a list of the best options for iPad:

  • Feedly: This app links to RSS feeds, so that you can view content from your favorite blogs and news sources, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, all in one place. There is a free version and a paid app that comes with extra features, including a search function.
  • New York Times - Today's Paper: If you simply want the best, most reliable news source in the world in a clean, readable layout, it's hard to beat Today's Paper, a new web-based app that provides a more reader-friendly interface than previous offerings from the Times. It's available only to paid subscribers, but it gives the impression of reading the actual newspaper.
  • NPR News: If you're a fan of public radio, then you'll love NPR's mobile app. Not only does it include articles and transcripts of all the organization's stories, but it also lets you download a podcast of each segment on all of it's most popular shows, including "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition."

Of course, you can't access any of these without a tablet, so make sure you check out PortableOne's selection of Apple iPads today!

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