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Photoshop is the gold standard of photo editing suites, but it's also pretty expensive. In fact, the only way to get it is to pay $30 a month to Adobe for a copy of Photoshop CC, a new cloud version of the software that can only be activated once you make the monthly payment. For the professional photographer, that's simply a business expense. But for the casual enthusiast who enjoys taking pictures but isn't doing it for a living, that can be a substantial investment.

Additionally, Photoshop CC is an advanced piece of software that takes years to master. Instead of forking over hundreds of dollars for a program that you'll have to take classes about, we recommend trying out these packages, which provide advanced photo editing features for a much lower cost:

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements: This version of the company's flagship software is meant for consumers rather than professionals. It features a more stripped-down interface, but still comes with many of the main features that one looks for in photo editing, giving you control over lighting, color and a host of other areas. It can be purchased for $99.
  • Paintshop Pro: Developed by Corel, this Photoshop alternative has many of the bells-and-whistles that you can get from Adobe, but for a fraction of the price at $59.99. 
  • Unlike the other programs mentioned above, Pixlr runs in your browser. Simply type "" into your URL bar and you'll be taken to a photo editing interface very similar to Photoshop, without having to install any software on your computer. The best part? Pixlr is free.

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