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Cloud-based computer services can be really helpful for personal and professional use. Services such as Dropbox allow files to be stored on a remote server, freeing up hard drive space for other things. These items can be accessed from anywhere with only a username and password, which makes it possible to use portable devices such as the iPad for business and pleasure.

Music files that take up a lot of space can be hosted in the cloud, making listening possible on devices that don't have enough room on the hard drive for a full library. And, cloud services such as Spotify give users access to an extensive collection of tracks, so finding out about a new band has become as easy as typing its name into the application's search bar.

However, while the benefits of cloud computing services are clear, one drawback is that the ease of use sometimes exposes sensitive information to cybercriminals. This information usually gets uploaded to cloud services by mistake when it is attached to other information. This puts personal users at risk for identity theft, and gives businesses a host of potential security problems. But, two researchers from the IT consulting firm Stache & Liu recently unveiled some new services that contribute to security on cloud accounts.

The tools, which are called NotInMyBackYardDiggity and CloudDiggity, are a part of the firm's pre-existing Search Diggity line. These services use search engines to identify potentially compromising information that users may not know is readily accessible online.

These services work by identifying any vulnerable information stored in the cloud and alerting the owner of its existence. The idea is that the scan can find the sensitive information before hackers do, limiting possible security threats. Researchers recently released a couple of these services at Def Con, a hacking and security conference held in Las Vegas.

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