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With the new iPad Air having been out for a week, reviews are pouring in from all over the internet about how well it stacks up to previous generations of Apple's tablet. The verdict is near-universal: The Air is the new standard bearer for tablet computing, based in its power, battery life and design.

Ben Lovejoy, a writer at Apple news site, spent a week with the device and marveled at the slim design, which surprised him in terms of how different it looked and felt from the iPad 4.

"My first surprise on seeing the iPad Air in the flesh was that it looked so much smaller than the dimensions and photos had suggested," he writes. "That reduction in bezel size may have seemed modest on paper, but it really made an incredible difference to the perceived size. This thing looked like a cross between a full-size iPad and a Mini."

One advantage that Lovejoy notes is that the iPad Air can be comfortably held in one hand, something that wasn't necessarily the case with previous versions. He was also able to get over 12 hours out of one battery charge, two hours longer than Apple advertises. Because usage varies between customers, it's possible a more active customer would experience something closer to 10 hours, but it remains the case that the iPad Air will last you the whole day under a moderate strain and possibly longer.

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