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With the calendar turning over to 2013, it's time to get started on your New Year's Resolutions. Following through on these goals is often a matter of accountability, and a few great iPad apps can help keep you honest heading into the new year.

Stay in shape

Plenty of people make fitness a target for the new year, but it's a challenging goal to achieve without some way to track progress.

Fortunately, a number of apps do just that - TechCrunch recommends Lose It!, which calculates your calorie intake. You have to input the foods you eat each day, but the app's database of meals and menu upload capability makes this relatively painless.

If you're looking for extra diet motivation, Mashable suggests DietBet, a gamification app that pays out cash to users who hit their weight loss goals. Maybe you'll earn some money to buy a trim new wardrobe!

Quit smoking

Smokers hoping to drop this vice in 2013 should test run Quit Pro, a free program released last month that offers plenty of positive reinforcement. Users can review progress milestones, tracking how much money they've saved and how many years they've added to their life by putting down the pack. They can record how often they resisted - or caved on - an urge to smoke again, and monitor triggers.

Tackle your debt offers a highly rated personal finance app that allows users to set budgets, break down spending habits and track investments in an easy-to-view dashboard. The program will also send you alerts if you're spending beyond your means, making it a perfect warning flag for shoppers who can't help themselves when in the presence of great deals.

Of course, if upgrading your iPad is at the top of your list of New Year's resolutions, PortableOne offers customization services to ensure your device is in top-shape and able to run any app.

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