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Microsoft's Windows 8 has been climbing steadily in market share, according to analytics firm The operating system (OS), which can be purchased on many customized laptops from PortableOne, now accounts for over 10 percent of all PCs, while Windows 7 still holds about 47 percent of the market. At the same time, Windows XP, which is 12 years old, still accounts for 28 percent of all desktop users.

It's good news for Microsoft that users are beginning to shift to the Windows 8 platform, although most of those who have the operating system are using the slightly dated 8.0 version rather than the more recent 8.1.

When Windows 8 was released in 2012, users were slow to pick it up compared to past versions of the OS. This resulted in fragmentation, a problem that affects the way programmers design software. With more users on one particular system, developers can write programs that run more smoothly and responsively. When customers are on different versions of an OS, those who write software for these machines must make sure that the application works on each platform, which can be a difficult and labor-intensive process.

Apple continues to see its share of the market grow slowly, but steadily. The company now accounts for 7.54 percent of the overall market, up from 6.94 percent in March 2013.

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