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It's no secret that most people rely on the internet every day. For most of us, it plays a role in our social life as well as our job, and will help with organizational tasks such as those in finance. With such a wide variety of sensitive information stored online, it's no wonder that hacking can be devastating to boththe on and offline lives of its victims. Still, the vast majority of us are making use of passwords that just aren't good enough.

According to Business Insider, up to 90 percent of passwords are vulnerable to hacking, leaving malicious online lurkers with a veritable buffetof possible data to compromise. The report is based on informationcompiled by consultants from Deloitte, which stated that the strong pass codes recommended by IT professionals are not foolproof, because users have a greater tendency to forget them.

But oversimple and easily guessed passwords continue to guard sensitive information, essentially leaving it there for the taking.

Deloitte's global lead for technology media and telecommunications, Jolyon Barker stressed that billions of dollars stand to be lost a the hands of poor online security, and that two-factor identification can be used as an additional measure to protect sensitive information online.

The best kind of password is something individual to you that can't be easily guessed. A mixture of lowercase and capital letters as well as numbers and special characters will also increase your security. It's also important that you vary your passwords between accounts, otherwise one hack could bring down your entire online life.

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