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Despite their popularity, Apple Mac computers still take up only a small chunk of the PC market. But reviews are coming in, and the newest iteration of the iMac, with its thin display, power processor and innovative hard drive, may convince a lot of users to switch to Mac. The iMac was redesigned last year, and the new version incorporates many of the same features with some notable upgrades.

Darrell Etherington, a reviewer at tech news site TechCrunch, praised the iMac's performance, design and lighter weight. His review model, which included a 3.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and a 3 terabye (TB) fusion drive, gave him significant speed and storage gains over his 2011 iMac.

The fusion drive is one of Apple's signature technological innovations, and has been included in several of its computer models. It combines a traditional hard disk drive with a platter and solid state storage (SSD), using the latter for data that will be accessed more frequently. The result is that you get the storage size of a conventional drive, with the speed gains of an SSD.

"For owners of any of those machines, it probably won't be surprising to hear that this year's upgrade takes what was a great computer and makes it even better, especially for demanding users," wrote Etherington in his review. "The top of the line new iMac is the creative professional's current best friend."

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