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Last week, Apple unveiled the latest generation of MacBook Pros, which now feature Intel Haswell processors, PCI-e connected flash storage and nine hours of battery life. As is typical whenever a new product is launched, many industry observers were waiting for the laptops to get in the hands of critics, who could determine whether the devices lived up to the hype.

It appears that Apple has once again produced one of the best notebooks on the market. Reviewers are praising the new MacBook Pro for its speed, screen and battery usage, all of which received important upgrades over the previous generation. With the Intel Haswell CPU, the company has been able to get the same processing speeds as the 2012 edition of the MacBook with only about half of the power. This increased the amount of computing time a user can get out of the MacBook on one battery charge to 9 hours.

"The MacBook Pro 15-inch carries over the previous model's excellent Retina display," writes Joel Santo Domingo of PC Magazine. "[The Haswell] processor is speedy and energy efficient, shown by the system's class-leading Photoshop CS6 test (3 minutes 14 seconds) and its class-leading battery life (8 hours 52 minutes)."

If you're in the market for a new customized laptop, and you're trying to decide between a traditional PC and an Apple MacBook, you have a tough decision on your hands. Manufacturers are continuing to put out terrific Windows laptops with touch screen controls and excellent displays. But for creative professions, it's hard to beat the excellent user interface and sheer computing power of the MacBook Pro. You can find more information by visiting the PortableOne online store.

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