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For true die-hard Apple fans, Apple TV doesn't just sound like the name of the company's set-top box, but rather represents a hope of a better television future, inspired by a series of mythical clues - the first of which appeared in Steve Jobs' biography.

Then, in his interview with Brian Williams on NBC's Rock Center, Apple CEO Tim Cook confessed that the Apple TV had advanced beyond "hobby" status in Cupertino and that it could be a major technology upgrade, but would say no more about the company's plans for the rumored television.

All the while, rumors of the Apple TV and the way it might change living rooms worldwide have continued to swirl. And earlier this week, a new leak reported in The Wall Street Journal states that the company is testing screens in China.

But the reporters were careful to note that the sources stated that, though the evidence is compelling, it could be a while before you're watching an Apple TV at home - the project is in "early stages," according to their sources.

Still, the news is heartening for every Apple fanatic who can't wait until the company redesigns their television viewing experience with the same problem solving forces that it brought to laptop computers, music players and the mobile phone.

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