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Given how popular the iPad 4 is, it seems natural that the tablet industry would be doing really well as a whole, as users may want the advantages of a touch screen interface and intuitive apps but may prefer models produced by other manufacturers. In fact, few companies have had nearly as much success in this market segment as Apple.

This is demonstrated by recent news that Microsoft wrote off over $900 million for its Surface RT tablet, an attempt to challenge the dominance of the iPad by appealing to devotees of Windows PC computers. Although the Surface has some supporters and many reviewers gave it good ratings, the fact is that it was still an inferior product to the iPad, causing many customers to skip Microsoft's device in favor of the more established Apple tablet.

There are many reasons this has happened. Probably the biggest is the fact that Apple has a massive app ecosystem that makes iOS devices incredibly useful. There are currently 375,000 programs available for the iPad and iPad mini, with developers putting out more software every day. By contrast, Microsoft has only 120,000 apps for Windows mobile devices, many of which are available for iOS.

Another reason for the success of the iPad over the Surface is the fact that one of the main features of the ladder, its detachable keyboard, doesn't provide much of an advantage. Among the many iPad accessories available are portable keyboards that render such an addition moot.

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