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Since the iPhone came out six years ago, it has been clear that Apple is on top of all things tech. Though they were once a small company encouraging consumers to "think different," the unique business model based on a small, refined product line and an unwavering commitment to design has made devices such as the iPad mini into overnight successes. 

But Apple's strengths drew customers away from the PC world, and many Windows-based manufacturers have been working hard to stay competitive in spite of this trend. 

The business world was excited, then, to hear news of a possible merger between Microsoft and Dell. While both companies were at one point at the top of the tech world, most people think that their heyday has since passed. Still, the possibility of the two tech giants joining forces is undeniably intriguing. 

If these two companies got together, the hardware expertise of Dell would fit in elegantly with Microsoft's software prowess. Their combined company could make a unified system that might just be sleek enough to take on Apple's diverse, market-leading options. Of course, since there are a number of companies that currently make hardware that works with Windows, the possibility of a merger between these two companies could be seen as a threat to others in the field. 

But Antone Gonsalves wrote for ReadWrite that the fact that this would change the way Microsoft relates to other companies in the field is the best thing about the potential merger.

"No one knows whether Microsoft will actually structure a deal to make Dell a premiere partner. But if it does, then Microsoft will effectively redefine its relationship with PC makers, creating a far different industry than exists now. And that could be a very good thing," he argued in the piece.

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