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The Mac versus PC debate has long been one of the hottest topics in tech news. While Macs are undeniably more popular these days, PC users stick to their guns harder than ever, fiercely defending their Windows-based machines. But the newest piece of evidence that's been added to this debate has more to do with generosity than RAM.

Online donation management site QGiv collects and keeps track of charitable donations for a number of causes. In its year-end analysis, the site not only published statistics on the kinds of contributions it collected, but also took a look at the computer data of those who donated.

According to the report, Mac users gave more than PC users. While the average charitable donation from a Mac was $182, Windows-based machines averaged just $137 - a full 25 percent less.

So, in addition to boasting faster machines that last longer and get fewer viruses, Mac users now have statistical data that proves them to be more generous than those who use a PC.

But, the data might not be that cut and dry. Tech news source The Register noted that Apple computers tend to cost more than PC's, so the data might simply be indicative of the fact that Mac users have more disposable income to donate to charities and nonprofits.

Either way, this adds some interesting data to the slight personality difference detectable between those who use Apple computers, and those who prefer to run Windows.

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