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One of the major announcements at last week's Worldwide Developers Conference was that Apple would soon release a new version of Mac OS X, the operating system installed on all its computer hardware, including the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac. Probably the most noticeable change for anyone who has followed the company's development and products was the name. Previous updates to OS X had been named after large cats, such as Mountain Lion, Panther and Snow Leopard. However, the newest edition - slated for release in Fall 2013 - will be called "Mavericks", and features a host of changes that are sure to entice new users.

Here are some of the most notable new additions for OS X Mavericks, according to the Apple website:

  • Better Maps app: Apple Maps has had a rocky road as it tries to compete with Google, but it's definitely on its way toward providing a great alternative. The new Maps app will feature live traffic conditions, as well as integration with Contacts, Calendar, Mail and other Apple programs.
  • Faster browsing with Safari: The tech giant has increased the speed and memory efficiency of Safari, making it 1.44x faster than Google Chrome while using less RAM.
  • Improved iBooks: Apple has slowly built up the ecosystem surrounding its iBooks platform, and the newest version of OS X will continue this trend. The new iBooks will offer better syncing across all devices, including iPads and iPhones, while making it easier to annotate textbooks for studying and research.

It's clear that Apple is committed to making its products the best in the world, so head on over to the PortableOne online store and pick up a customized laptop that gives you the latest OS X features.

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