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It seems that, in the tech world, everyone is always talking about Apple. And, according to the many onlookers that watch it all the time, the company is either the best in the world or no longer cool. John Abell, a former editor for Wired and reviewer for Reuters, recently wrote about this phenomenon for CNN, discussing the fact that we seem to want to kick Apple out of the cool kids table if we feel it hasn't changed society for the better in the past few months. 

He took us on a tour of the aspects of our culture that Apple has recently changed, from the way we listen to and buy music, to the way we interact with and purchase laptop and desktop computers, to our cell phones. And that's not counting the fact that they completely changed the lives of many of us by releasing the iPad in 2010. 

Abell wrote that, though consumers are quick to make Apple out to be the next Microsoft - i.e. a has-been - the company was built around a framework of innovation since the beginning, and has taken that role seriously. And even though Steve Jobs has passed away, they've still got some major minds on their payroll. 

He ended the article with his own recommendation to investors, saying, "My own prediction of Apple's prospects is that needs to worry about becoming a mid-packer only after the CEO Tim Cook and designer Jony Ive - the other tow members of the triumvirate headed by Steve Jobs - are no longer with the company. [...] Until then, perhaps a decade from now, you bet against Apple at your own peril." 

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