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Major internet search engine Google occasionally makes philanthropic donations to communities around the world, helping more people get online. It is for this reason that Google provides free Wi-Fi to the residents of its hometown Mountain View, California.

The Google Fiber program brought a less expensive option for super high-speed cable and internet access to Kansas City, and as we covered in September, Google sponsored 4,000 Boingo hotspots in New York City and around the country this fall. Now, the company will be providing free Wi-Fi for a 13-block area in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.

Google's New York offices are located in Chelsea, and company spokesman Ben Fried told reporters that the Wi-Fi was being donated as a service to the community where they've chosen to set up camp.

Specifically, a third of the costs of this Wi-Fi installation will be covered by local advocacy group Chelsea Improvement Company, with Google footing the rest of the bill. And just how much did it cost? The initial groundwork is expected to total $115,000, with yearly maintenance estimated at $45,000, according to CNN Money.

And considering the operating budget for a major city and international destination like New York, that price tag is pretty affordable.

"The mayor and I said maybe we could get this done for all of New York. We look forward to the day when all of New York has free Wi-Fi," said Senator Charles Schumer at the press conference.

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