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For a while now, Apple has overtaken other brands as the biggest name in computers. While Windows machines were once the standard used both at home and at work, these devices tend to be looked upon as antiquated by most consumers. This difference in the perception of the Windows PC has led to major changes for brands like Dell, once top-of-mind manufacturers. 

That led to falling stock prices, and eventually caused Michael Dell and other executives at the company to make a big decision. As of today, Dell is once again a private entity, and is no longer traded in any stock exchange. Much of the funding for the $24 billion deal came from the Dell founder himself, as well as Microsoft, which invested $2 billion in capital. 

Microsoft's decision to help privatize Dell again means that the company will concentrate on Windows products, not getting distracted by Chromebooks the way that other manufacturers will likely continue to do. 

The venture is interesting, since it could help Windows PCs to once again become innovative. Without the worry of shareholders, the design team will be freer to take According to Dan Costa of PC World, Dell will focus more time and energy on cloud computing, which has been a hot topic in the tech industry in recent years. It will be interesting to see if the plan to get off the public market works for the company, and if it starts making better products because of it. If you're interested in getting a customized laptop from Dell, speak to someone at PortableOne. We can make sure that your device is perfect for you, and our friendly technicians are always here to help. 

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