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Despite serious advertising dollars, the Microsoft Surface RT launched to a somewhat tepid response from the tech community. Yes, Windows 8 is beautiful, but it's not very user friendly; yes, it has a keyboard cover, but that keyboard cover doesn't work very well, and so on. However, the Surface Pro recently launched as well, to a much more robust response, with commentators and critics alike realizing that the company had created an entire PC that also has ultra?-portable capabilities and a touch screen option.

This computer seems to preform many of the functions that the RT and many of these other laptop/ tablet hybrids left us wanting. And the impressiveness of the technology has led many people in the tech world to compare the Surface Pro to the popular and efficient Apple MacBook Air. But, controversy surrounding the storage space available on the device had some potential customers reconsidering. 

But after the creators of the Surface Pro participated on an AMA on Reddit and he conducted some further research, ZD Net writer Ed Bott told his readers that they have nothing to worry about. When it comes to advertised storage space, manufacturers don't mention the available free storage, but rather the total amount on the hard drive, before the operating system and pre-installed apps. 

And when the 128 GB Surface Pro is compared directly to the MacBook Air of the same size, it turns out that both computers end up having about the same available storage space. Therefore, choosing between these two devices is all about the features and operating system. 

Professionals who don't want to learn an entirely new environment may still like the MacBook Air better, as it is simple, light and easy to use, but the touch screen on the Surface Pro could make that better suited for some. Either way, don't worry about storage space - especially if you're getting a customized laptop from PortableOne. Our expert technicians can add room, boost speed and preform other upgrades to your computer. 

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