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Today might be Apple's biggest day so far this year. First, most iPhone and iPad users awoke to a notification on their screens, alerting them that iOS 6.1 could now be downloaded. This update expands LTE connectivity, adds movie ticket buying capabilities to Siri and adds a few new changes to the operating system. But that amazing mobile OS is not the only Apple-made ecosystem that got an update recently. 

Apple developers also announced that they were adding Bluetooth capabilities to the popular Apple TV, which enables wireless keyboards to connect to the device. This is extremely convenient, as it could be used in place of a remote, relying on the return key to play and pause videos. The possible inclusion of a hard keyboard makes the search function on the device much more usable. 

This new firmware is likely to give rise to an entirely new set of Apple accessories, since there's no telling what kind of Bluetooth remotes designers that work with Apple products will come up with. In the meantime, there are many reliable wireless keyboards for sale, many of which could be a sleek addition to any living room. 

Industry news site 9 to 5 Mac reported the story, and  though they have not speculated how this update fits in rumors of an all-inclusive television product from Apple, it seems that it was issued for all current versions of the Apple TV, as well as one for a not-yet-released version, which tells the analysts that there may be an update on the way. 

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