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Many people in the tech community were quite surprised to find out that Microsoft's chief of Windows, Steven Sinofsky, was leaving the company. Many people had previously assumed that the long-time Microsoft executive was in line for the CEO position, and in some ways, synonymous with the company.

But Fortune writer Michael Lev-Ram says that the move might actually be good for the former tech giant as it struggles to retain relevance in an increasingly Apple-controlled environment. It was, however, surprising for many people that he left when he did, since he had so much to do with Microsoft's well-received Windows 8 OS.

There is speculation among many in the industry that Sinofsky was asked to leave, possibly to create better communication within departments in the large-scale corporation. No matter what the reasons for his departure were, this personnel change will likely mean major shakeups at Microsoft.

Kara Swisher of AllThingsD writes that the shake-up will likely mean greater transparency within the manufacturer, since Sinofsky's business style was notoriously known as secretive, and he was reportedly not great at getting along with his fellow employees.

Many analysts are suggesting that this major change in staffing might be just what Microsoft needs to turn out more high quality products like Windows 8. It remains to be seen how the company will change without Sinofsky, but many anticipate positive growth.

Whether you're on the side of Sinofsky's departure or against it, it's undeniable that this will probably change things at the company. PortableOne has a fantastic selection of customized laptops and tablets like the iPad mini so whether you choose Mac or PC, we can design the perfect device for you.

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