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Though the court-battle that seemed to last all summer between high-profile tech companies Apple and Samsung is on hiatus for the time-being, tech savvy individuals know that their rivalry is still going strong. The two organizations are in fierce competition for customers in the markets of tablets and smartphones, attempting to solidify a place as the best overall. 

Thinking it would have a unique perspective on the bitter rivalry, FixYa, a product Q&A service, conducted its own head-to-head comparison about smartphones. The study evaluated the Apple iPhone along with Samsung phones, as well as those from Nokia and Motorola. 

The data was conducted through looking at more than 700,000 troubleshooting requests collected by the site. It sorted them by manufacturer and problem, and weighted the results according to market share, enabling the statisticians to assign each company with a score. 

In the study, Apple was far and away the leader, achieving a score of 3.47, quite impressive when it's compared to Samsung's measly 1.21. According to the researchers, almost all of the Samsung problems were directly related to the hardware, with everything from microphone and speaker issues to battery life problems and extreme heat. 

Every Apple fan who has seen this analysis is unlikely to be surprised, after all, the team at Apple just won't produce an inferior product. The simplicity of the device, combined with its reliability and ability to connect with other Apple devices make the iPhone the first choice in smartphones. Those who are looking to streamline their tech lives will love the fact that the iPhone can be set to sync automatically with your iPad or iPad mini, as well as any other devices you might have. 

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