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Apple is releasing an update to its OS X Mountain Lion operating system that will feature numerous improvements and bug fixes, reports Ars Technica, a technology news website. The update comes just before the company's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which runs June 10-14. As a result, this news seems to have flown under the radar as more people are focused on the Apple products that will be released next week, but there are some major changes that Mac OS users will want to take note of.

The update features improvements in compatibility between Calendar and Microsoft Exchange servers, as well as a fix that will provide better connectivity between your Mac device and WiFi network.

Additionally, there were some security patches included in the update that will protect the operating system from malware infestations that take advantage of weaknesses in the Java platform, which is used by many websites to create dynamic online apps.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion has been out for roughly a year. The company is known for updating its operating system with more frequency than Microsoft does with Windows. Apple also prices OS X well below Windows: Users can upgrade to Mountain Lion for only $19.99 by downloading it in the Mac App Store. By contrast, Windows updates cost at least $99.99, though they occur much less frequently.

This latest update reinforces the point that Apple Mac computers are among the most safe and secure PCs available. Visit the PortableOne online store today to find a customized laptop that will meet your security needs.

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