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As high-quality as they are, from time to time Macbooks will freeze, just as any other laptop. There are many reasons why this can happen, from an app that has malfunctioned to a computer that is overworked and can no longer support what you are doing.

Regardless of why the freeze has occurred, there are several ways you can deal with the issue. You'll want to take immediate action to fix the root problem, as delaying could leave your laptop to susceptible to freezing again and again.

Here are a few ways to fix a frozen Macbook:

  • Delete the crashing app: If you notice that your computer faces these freezing issues whenever you use a certain app, you should uninstall the program (and reinstall a new copy if you still need it). The problems will likely continue and slow down your productivity and usage if you keep using a buggy or crash-prone app.
  • Hard shutdown: Generally, you want to avoid shutting your computer down completely by pressing on the power button. But if your laptop will not unfreeze itself after several minutes, you'll have to resort to this measure to reboot the computer.
  • Quit the app: You can always click on the icon of the app itself and shut it down when it is not responding. This way you will be able to start it back up afterwards without having to shut off your entire computer.

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