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Summer is here, which means people will be spending more time on the road and away from home. But just because you are traveling doesn't mean you will want to be disconnected from the world, which for many means bringing their laptops in tow. If you are one of those people, you will want to have certain items on you to ensure your computer is both safe and works as well as it can.

Here are a few great Macbook accessories everybody should have while traveling:

  • Portable charger: The thing people will worry most about while away is keeping their laptop charged enough to use. If you invest in a portable charging pack you can keep your computer fully juiced even if you aren't near an outlet.
  • Protective case: Of course, traveling with your computer will present certain dangers to its physical well-being. Investing in a protective case, especially one that is waterproof, will help ensure that nothing harms your laptop while it is bouncing around in your traveling bag.
  • USB drive: If you are getting some work done while away and are concerned about losing it, pack a USB drive with you. That way you can save all of your important data someplace separate that will be protected in the unlikely event something happens to your laptop's hard drive itself.

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