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It's a situation that everybody who owns a smartphone or tablet has faced - you're trying to use your device while outside on a nice day, only to struggle with reading the screen due to the glare. While this has been a recurring problem for those who own Apple products such as the iPhone or iPad mini, the good news is that the tech giant is taking steps to correct the problem with their next round of iPads to be released.

According to industry website PatentlyApple, the company has recently gone into production for the next version of the iPad, which is said to be coming in both large and smaller versions, with 9.7 and 7.9 inch models. But what is really catching the interest of consumers is the report's claim these models will also be equipped with an anti-reflective coating on the screen, which will help people to use their device while outside without worrying about glare.

It is not currently known when the next iPad is going to be available for public purchase, though Bloomberg reports that the latest iteration could be revealed as soon as the end of the current financial quarter or the beginning of the next one. This would keep the new iPad in line with past October releases of new tablets. While there is not much detail in the reports, having an anti-reflective screen seems to be at the top of Apple's priority list.

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