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According to new reports, Apple is set to introduce a new feature for its iPad when the iOS 8 is released later this year - a split screen function. While Microsoft's tablets have always included the ability to open and operate two apps at a time, Apple's iPad has been lacking in this area

It is believed that Apple is going to formally unveil this new feature at the Worldwide Developers' Conference on June 2, though details of the new iPad operating system have already begun leaking to the public. In addition to this new split screen format, the iOS 8 will also improve several others areas of the iPad for Apple's consumers.

One of the most noticeable upgrades that users will notice is the iOS 8's new ability to play high-quality audio files, not currently possible with the present operating system. The increased emphasis on audio playback is rumored to be a part of the company's interest in buying the widely popular Beats headphone line for nearly $2 billion.

The updates are not limited solely to the iPad, as Apple is also said to be working on a slew of updates for its line of smartphones as well. Apple is developing a health app, tweaking the infrastructure of the Cloud as well as upgrading the current Maps system. All of these new features will be shown to the public early next month.

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