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According to a new report, Apple has filed two new patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The tech giant is working on the development of a new unlocking system for its iPhones and iPads, which many have said would be similar to the one currently used by Android and its electronic devices.

The report does note that the system Apple is planning on creating for its products would be more sophisticated than the versions that currently exist. The unlocking system can be altered on each phone by its owner, leaving how the unlock screen is operated up to the discretion of each individual. Personalization is a major part of this idea.

Each smartphone user would be able to alter both the size and position of the interface. By changing the size of the dots that a person has to hit, it can be made easier or harder to gain access to the phone. By rearranging the position of the dots, hacking into a device will be made more difficult because of the added element of unpredictability.

Apple is working on other elements that would set its idea apart from versions that are already used by the general public. Timing might also be taken into account, such as the speed at which an individual hits the dots or pauses taken while trying to gain access. Since this project is in its early stages, Apple is considering many different variations.

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