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For many individuals, nothing is more frustrating than listening to a song on the radio and not knowing the name of it, preventing you from downloading it into your own personal music collection. Apple is now working on a way to solve that problem, as a new report says that the company will debut a song ID software when it releases the next version of the iPhone operating system (iOS).

Users will now be able to identify both the name of the song and the artist of what they are listening to using either their iPhone or iPad. To develop this new software, Apple is working with the company Shazam Entertainment Limited, whose technology can identify a song by listening to a sample using a phone's microphone and matching it against a massive music database.

Apple is set to preview this new update on June 2 in San Francisco during its annual developer conference. The feature will be a part of the latest iOS - its eighth iteration - though the company has not indicated when it will be available for download by the general public. Apple is looking for a way to retain its music dominance, though it still remains the world's largest seller through iTunes.

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