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Your Windows 10 PC is about to get a “Sport” gear

Your Windows 10 PC is about to get a “Sports” gear

Last year, Microsoft has announced Windows 10 S, which is essentially a slimmed-down, all-mobile version of Windows 10 for tablets and smaller devices, in a similar way as Windows 8 RT was to Windows 8.

Microsoft Windows 10 S does not allow regular desktop programs to run, such as the full desktop version of Adobe Photoshop CC, of Microsoft Office, but rather mobile counterparts available only through the Microsoft Store.

One reason for Microsoft to create a mobile-only version of Windows 10, is to ensure maximum performance, and best battery life on smaller tablets and ultraportables. With that said, most devices, including some running ARM processors, can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, even if, depending on the hardware available, performance may suffer.

Up until now, Windows 10 S users on compatible devices have been left with the only option of buying an extra license to upgrade from S to Pro, but a new report indicates that Microsoft is planning to perform a considerable upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, by essentially adding an “S mode”, which will instantly switch your experience from full-desktop to mobile, both from an interactivity perspective, and a performance standpoint.

The addition of this “sports gear” to Windows 10 Pro may not necessarily mean that Microsoft is planning to downsize Windows 10 S, which may still be available after the upgrade, as a standalone license, for users who want to stick with a mobile experience.

More details have surfaced that hint to an S mode upgrade to be implemented also in Windows 10 Home and Enterprise editions, furthermore, future Windows 10 S licenses may be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, for a $49 fee.

This new strategy isn’t likely to impact any user negatively, as it simply provides more options for users to get more out of their hardware, as switching to S mode can save battery considerably when traveling, or while a power outlet isn’t accessible for an extended period of time.

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